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What are 25 things you can do during the pandemic to save money?

Well, it seems like we all will be living through this pandemic for an unforeseeable amount of time. As the situation surrounding the Coronavirus swirls, the impact on our daily lives cannot be ignored. Here are some changes that can be made to help out financially during this time. Most are no-brainers, some I’ll add more commentary. How many have you already implemented?

1. Make your own coffee- even after you return to the office. It just saves you money!

2. Sell unused items on FB marketplace or other selling platforms- Letgo

3. Get rid of cable—I know it can be hard, but do you watch ALLL those channels anyway?

4. Decrease cell phone plan or move to a cheaper provider

5. Cut back on paying for personal care. – instead of getting your hair and nails done each time you get paid, try once a month or once a quarter.

6. Try out a local cosmetology school to get your hair done.

7. Limit work takeout to once per paycheck.

8. This is a perfect time to try new recipes. Cook more at home.

9. Tutor students if you have a skill.

10. Are you good at doing hair? Do hair on the side.

11. Recycle cans. Yes, bottle companies still pay for cans!

12. Contact your insurance company and see if you can pay by the mile or pay of lower fee.

13. Try a “gig” job. Postmate, Instacart, Uber, Lift, are some options.

14. Cancel unneeded subscriptions: icloud storage, meal subscriptions, streaming services, beauty monthly boxes.

15. Deliver packages for Amazon or USPS.

16. Continue learning. – This will not bring immediate savings however you will be more marketable once you return back to work.

17. Buy store branded items verses brand name items. A lot of the items are made in the same warehouse.

18. Switch to cloth napkins.

19. Look for deals to open a new checking/Investing account. Some banks will offer up to $300 to open an account. Check the details.

20. Cancel unused gym memberships.

21. Seek out free entertainment. Your local library is a great place to get books, ebooks and movies for free.

22. Don’t buy bottled water.

23. Hang dry your clothes.

24. Change your home filters. This could lower our monthly electric bill.

25. Use reward cards for everyday purchase that you will pay off at the end of the month.

Make a commitment to not accumulate any more debt!

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